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New Developments for 2007

Read about the Court tackling the Crack/Cocaine sentencing disparity and Justice Stevens' dissent in the "BONG HiTS 4 JESUS" case.

This site is the product of my research into the Supreme Court decisions that resulted from the Court ruling on issues that reflect various aspects of our nation's ongoing War on Drugs. My goal was to comb through these decisions for excerpts that reflect the position of their authors on a particular issue discussed. By coalescing excerpts from dozens of opinions spanning the period from 1984 to the present into distinct topical threads, I was hoping to discern certain trends in the Court's treatment of various issues pertaining to the our nation's legal approach to the War on Drugs.

The list of topics that interested me can be found in the left menu or by clicking on the Topics & Themes link. Naturally, since the main thrust of the War on Drugs is the criminalization of the use and distribution of illicit substances, a lot of these issues concern the Fourth Amendment. However, I was also interested in the Justices' personal opinion on the subject matter as well as on gauging how much their decisions were based on a formalistic, activist or a hands-off approach. These strands can be found in the Drug Policy Opinion, Justiciability, and Proportionality sections. Each section page contains a description of the topic right below the title.

I deliberately did not include any of my commentary or opinion. Of course, my selection of opinions, excerpts and topics cannot be deemed completely objective, but no direct treatment of the material presented is included on this site. The goal is for a reader to get a sense of the treatment of a particular topic discussed by consulting the primary sources themeselves.

About Me

My name is Yakov Spektor and I am a lawyer. Nowadays I mostly practice immigration law - I run my own practice at Spektor Law Group. My interests include research into the Drug War jurisprudence, federal Immigration Law, the Law of War and the related international law, and the Criminal Law and Procedure. If you are interested, you can check out my blog for any tidbits on drug policy that I am sometimes compelled to write about (obviously enough, that's exactly what it is called "Tidbits on Drug Policy"). I am always happy to receive any comments or suggestions regarding this site or the issues listed above. I can be reached at yakovspektor [AT]

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